Current Research Team

Below are the individuals who are currently members of the research team as research staff, students, visitors or interns.

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Lei Xun

Senior Research Assistant, 2023 -
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Lei Xun

PhD Research Student, 2018 -
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Sulaiman Sadiq

PhD Research Student, 2020 -
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Anastasios Dimitriou

PhD Research Student, 2020 -
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Sara Alsodairi

PhD Research Student, 2021 -
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Mingyu Hu

PhD Research Student, 2022 -
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Shannon How

PhD Research Student, 2022 -
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Zhao Hengrui

PhD Research Student, 2022 -
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Yaseen Mohammed Osman

PhD Research Student, 2023 -
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Joseph Omar

PhD Research Student, 2023 -
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Keyu Chen

PhD Research Student, 2024 -

Research Team Socials

I'm a firm believer that a well-functioning, successful and dependable team should come together socially as well as professionally. Below are a selection of photos from some of the various research team socials that we have organised.

The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team
The Research Team

Research Team Alumni: Staff

Below are the individuals who have previously been in the research team as a member of research staff (e.g. a postdoc).

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Amit Singh2016-17
Dr Rishad A Shafik2013-15

Research Fellows

Dr Jia Bi2020-22
Dr Oktay Cetinkaya2018-20
Dr Domenico Balsamo2015-19
Dr Graeme **** [hidden]2017-18
Dr Shre Chatterjee2018
Dr Eduardo Wachter2017-18
Dr Bassem Ouni2017-18
Dr Dwaipayan Biswas2015-16
Dr Sheng Yang2013-16
Dr Anup Das2014-15
Dr Alex Weddell2009-13
Dr Ash **** [hidden]2011-12
Dr Dirk de Jager2011-12

Senior Research Assistants

Karunakar Reddy Basireddy2018
Theo Verykios2018
Matthew **** [hidden]2018
Charlie **** [hidden]2017-18
Vibishna **** [hidden]2016-17
Dirk de Jager2010-11
Deyi **** [hidden]2010

Research Assistants

Sarah **** [hidden]2010

Enterprise Fellows


Dr Gibeon Aquino2018-19
Dr Li **** [hidden]2010-11

Research Team Alumni: Research Students

Below are the individuals who have previously been in the research team as a research students (e.g. studying for a PhD).

Name Thesis Title
Dr Samuel Isuwa
PhD Student, 2019-23
Maximising User Experience through Intelligent Resource Management in Mobile Systems
Dr Teodor Ivanescu
PhD Student, 2018-23
Intelligent Routing in Urban Vehicular Networks
Dr Tim Daulby
PhD Student, 2017-22
Checkpointing Strategies for Efficient Reactive Intermittent Computing Systems
Dr Sivert Sliper
PhD Student, 2018-22
Off and On Again: Modeling and Optimizing Intermittent Computing Systems
Dr Amin Sabet
PhD Student, 2018-22
Efficient Video Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks by Exploiting Temporal Correlation in Video Data
Dr Edward Longman
PhD Student, 2018-22
Multihop Wireless Networking with RF Wake-up Enabled Intermittently-powered Nodes
Dr Jie Zhan
PhD Student, 2017-22
Energy Budgeting for Intermittently-Powered Systems
Dr Georgios Papandroulidakis
PhD Student, 2017-21
Experimental Demonstration of RRAM-based Computational Cells for Reconfigurable Mixed-Signal Neuro-Inspired Circuits and Systems
Dr James Bantock
PhD Student, 2015-20
Tuning Dynamic Power Management for Mobile Devices
Dr Ben Fletcher
PhD Student, 2016-20
Cost-Effective 3D-IC Design using Near-Field Inter-Tier Wireless Communication
Dr Andre Ortega
PhD Student, 2016-20
Automated Negotiation for Opportunistic Direct Cooperation Between Neighbouring Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr Theo Verykios
PhD Student, 2015-19
Efficient State Retention in Transiently Powered Computing Systems
Dr Alberto R. Arreola
PhD Student, 2015-19
From Transient Computing to Transient Systems: Overcoming Challenges to Enable Real Applications
Dr Ilias Vougioukas
PhD Student, 2015-19
Efficient and Secure Context Switching and Migrations for Heterogeneous Multiprocessors
Dr Karunakar Reddy Basireddy
PhD Student, 2015-19
Runtime Energy Management of Concurrent Applications for Multi-core Platforms
Dr Matthew **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2013-18
Hardware Validated Performance and Energy Modelling of Heterogeneous Multi-Processing Architectures
Dr Krongboon Singhanat
PhD Student, 2014-18
Practical framework for Opportunistic Direct Interconnection between wireless sensor networks with native communication protocols
Dr Charlie **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2013-18
Runtime Energy Management of Multi-core Processors
Dr Luis Maeda
PhD Student, 2011-16
System-Level Power Management using Online Machine Learning for Prediction and Adaptation
Dr Sei **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2011-16
Energy-Efficient Traffic-Aware Street Lighting Using Autonomous Networked Sensors
Dr Adisak **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2011-15
Formal Engineering Methodologies for Wireless Sensor Network Development with Simulation
Dr Teng **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2011-15
Opportunistic Direct Interconnection and Cooperation Between Co-Located Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr Huma Zia
PhD Student, 2011-15
Enabling Proactive Agricultural Drainage Reuse for Improved Water Quality through Collaborative Networks and Low-Complexity Data-Driven Modelling
Dr Alex Wood
PhD Student, 2010-15
Energy- and Context-Aware Approaches to Aiding Human Memory
Dr Davide Zilli
PhD Student, 2010-15
Smartphone-powered Citizen Science for Bioacoustic Monitoring
Dr Hui **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2009-14
Human-Powered Inertial Energy Harvesters: The Effect of Orientation, Location and Activity on the Obtainable Electrical Power
Dr Mustafa **** [hidden]
PhD Student, 2008-12
Design Considerations of Harvested-Energy Management
Marwan **** [hidden]
MPhil Student, 2015-20
Optimal Reservoir and Back Runoff Channels based Two Farms Irrigation Discharge Prediction System
William **** [hidden]
MPhil Student, 2014-15
Ning **** [hidden]
MPhil Student, 2009-12
Energy Efficiency and Classification Accuracy Trade-offs in Accelerometry-based Activity Recognition

Research Team Alumni: Interns

Below are the individuals who have previously undertaken an internship in the research team.

Anastasios Dimitriou2020
Stefany **** [hidden]2018
Kacper Kubara2018
Thai Phan2018
Samuel **** [hidden]2018
Vinayak Gupta2017
Bogdan **** [hidden]2017
Mohammed Ibrahim2017
Alex Gilday2017
Jan Smoczynski2017
Anuj **** [hidden]2017
Bogdan Stoicescu2016
Sumit Aggarwal2016
Giorgos Karatziolas2016
Domenico Balsamo2014
Domenico Balsamo2013-14
Norbert Naskov2013-14
Anup **** [hidden]2013-14
Shaun **** [hidden]2011
Stuart Barrow2011
Stuart Barrow2010
Jan **** [hidden]2009-10
Martin **** [hidden]2009-10
Mohamed **** [hidden]2009
Marco **** [hidden]2009
Luis Maeda2009
Christian Peters2008-09
Luca Berti2007-08
Adam **** [hidden]2007

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